Elsie Nisonen is a Toronto-based visual artist.

The photography by Elsie Nisonen is varied in subject matter and in manners such as lighting, outdoors or in studio.  All images are an exploration into light, inspiration, beauty and storytelling.

Elsie's recent conceptual work explores the impact of old family photographs and documents, and how they shape the accepted narratives of families. Interpreting family folklore is a highly subjective exercise and she tries to recreate stories from the past from her own perspective.

Using the photograph and its truth value to contest the collective family memory through dioramas, projection, and stitchery, she makes work that generates layered meanings.  The pixel is common to both her photography and cross-stitch.  By combining the digital aesthetic with handcrafted details, she blurs the line between the digital world and the human hand, the male and the female, the objective and the subjective, the truth vs folktale.    


13 The figure and the house ElsieNisonen